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Subject: Finding Another Like Me: Chapter 3This story is fiction. Any similarity to any persons living or dead is
merely a coincidence. If you are not allowed by law to view this material,
please do not do so. If you are under 18 years of age, please leave now.
This is a love story between two barely under model mania bbs the age of 18 year old boys
in high school. If that offends you, I apologize and ask that you not read
any further. Otherwise, enjoy.AUTHOR'S NOTE: So I realized after witing this chapter that I lied on the
last one. I loved writing this chapter. I think i'm going to lol bbs tgp find it very
hard to have a favorite chapter until when I finish this story. I hope
you'll fell the same. Please feel free to email me your responses,
comments,or criticisms. writenowingmail.comChapter 3A handshake! I leaned in and then he leaned in and then just as we were
getting in close proximity bbs photo 12y he thrust out his hand and I had to catch myself
and pull out my hand. Then we shook and he said, goodnight and walked away
with a smile on his face!That video has been replaying in my head for the last two days none stop.
His bbs fozya ru smile, the way he looked, and the way he leaned in towards me. God I
don't understand this! Like I've had these obsessions or feelings before
after hanging out with a girl, but now it's a guy. It's never been this
way, not even with Conor.Every time I close my eyes I see his face. I keep remembering our
conversation and how easy it was to talk model mania bbs
to him. My dreams have been about
him for the last two days. Its been crazy!!!We had exchanged phone numbers and even friended each other on Facebook,
but I was to afraid to be the one to initiate the conversation first just
incase I had read to much into it. It was bad enough I had been shot down
by so many girls, I didn't want to be shot down by him too. lol bbs tgp
It was now
Friday night and I was at work. I honestly didn't expect to hear from him
probably ever again, so as I mopped the floor I slowly gave myself the pep
talk I had done so many times before:It is her I mean his lose. I can do better. There are plenty of other...My phone started to vibrate from inside my apron. I pulled out and read the
caller ID and it said Chris. I didn't even hesitate to look if my bosses
were around when I whipped the phone open."Hello?" I said acting like I didn't know who exactly it was."Hey Kyle. What's up? It's Chris." He said sounding a little different from
the other night. A little off."Nothing just at work. Chris are you okay you sound a""Nah I'm...aww fuck kid I can't lie to you! No I'm not. When are you done
with work, because I need to talk to someone? I need to talk to you!"
Saying this he sounded a little worked up."I'll be off at 8, but I'll have to go home and shower I smell from work
want to meet up at like 8:30?""Yeah that works come to Tucket Beach because that's where I am. I'm by the
shack.""Alritgh dude. I'll be there as soon as I can.""Thanks Bud." He hung up the phone.The next thing I knew I was speeding through my work making sure I got out
right at 8. I raced home and took a quick jap bbs
shower. I reached the beach by
8:25 and looked to see where he was. I saw a Black Explorer was the only
car in the parking lot and it was close to the shack. I pulled up next to
it figuring it was his, but no one was inside it. I got out of my car and
started towards the wall overlooking the beach. As I reached it I noticed
that there was a person sitting on the beach just in front of the shack.I headed down the stairs and headed towards the person. They were wearing a
red hooded zipper down sweat shirt and a pair of jeans. I could tell it was
Chris by his size, but he still looked amazing. I took a seat next to him
not saying a word. He turned to face me, and I saw his face. It was still
beautiful but you could tell his eyes were watery like he had been crying
and his expression made it look like he had had a few drinks. Though once
he fully realized who I was a smile came across his face. A smile that took
my breathe away. We just set in silence for a few minutes. Not because it
was awkward just because it was comforting for him, I think. We just smiled
at each other and looked into each others eyes.Finally he spoke, "Thank you for coming down here.""Dude its no problem. Are you okay? That's all I care about.""No man. I'm pantyhose bbs not. I'm so confused right now and I feel like I have no one
to turn to.""Chris I'm here for you. You got me to turn to. I'm here to listen, to
help, to support, to anything you need me for.""But will you always be there?" He sobbed when saying this. I had never
seen a big kid like this cry the way he was. "After I talk about what I
want to will you still be there? Because I don't think you will!""I will! Trust me. Nothing you could ever say could stop be from helping
someone."There was another pause as he seemed to think about my words."Two nights ago I lied to you" he started."Alright so what? Everyone lies. Don't worry about it.""When I told you I wasn't in a relationship I lied. I've been dating this
girl for the past year and a half. Her names Meghan and she's the captain
of the cheerleading team at school."I gulped at that one. I knew that was coming and held back all emotions as
I said, "Again that's not life threatening it will be fine. I`ll live.""Nah man its not just wait. So after our discussion I realized something. I
realized I didn't love her. I realized I wasn't happy with her. All its
ever been is hook ups and sex and that's all there was too it. I realized I
wanted a real relationship where I find someone who I care about and cares
for me. Not a hook up.""Alright well its good you realized that."He breathed. "Yeah but just wait. So today I went to her house and talked
to her. I broke it off with her and for the first time in almost two years
I'm free!""Well that's..."He cut me off, "Wait!"I nodded."But I'm not happy," he continued."Well why's that? If its just because you broke bbs sex site naked 14 bbs up with Teen models bbs her thumbnail galleries bbs you can always
try and get her back pedo pics kds bbs or there are other fish in the sea."He smiled at me. "Kyle it's not because of that at bbs nuide ls all. It's because I have
found someone I want to be with. I just am confused about how I get to that
point." He looked down into the sand."Well that's easy pantyhose bbs man just tell vombat bbs beauty
them how you feel. Christopher you're an
amazing person. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Just tell them how you
feel.""Well it's a different kind of situation with this one.""There's no difference in situations Chris. Love is love, like is like.
Just tell them how you feel." I realized all the advice I'm giving Chris I
have never once took for myself. A perfect example was this situation.At that moment he looked up from the sand at me with those gorgeous blue
eyes and just stared. Then after a few seconds he said in a serious tone,
"Kyle I like you. I can't help but like you...""What?" I interrupted as my jaw dropped."I'm sorry Kyle you told me to tell the person how I felt so I did. I'm
sorry. I understand if you hate me I just had to. Its hard not to like you,
since the moment I met you I felt we had a connection..."That was it. I didn't let him finish as leaned over pushing my body up
against his making him now lay back with his knees up on the sand and let
my lips come in contact with his. At first I kissed him softly trying to
give him some time to react to what was happeninng next thing I felt his
arms engross me as he pulled my body so that I was on top of him. The kiss
became more fierce, but remained no tongue and just perfect. Finally after
the eternity of kissing we broke apart. I looked bbs sex site down at him. He was
smiling his face looked radiant as he realized what happened.We both stood in that position without moving, just steering at each
other. Until finally I leaned in and gave him another light kiss on the
lips and then removed myself from on top of him. He sat up once I was off
of him and we faced each other sitting down in the sand.I decided it was my turn to speak first for once, "Do you mean it?" I had
to make sure this wasn't some practical jock joke I had just fallen into.He looked a me a little hurt by those words. "I've never meant anything
more in my life.""Well then Christopher I only could have dreamed that you would have the
same feelings for me as I did for you. I felt that connection the first
time we met and knew I wanted more. It just was so easy to be around you
and talk to you. It felt right, like I had known you for years.""I know..." he started.I put up a hand because it was his turn to wait now. "I know the feelings
your having right bbs pre nude pics now or were having before. I have the same exact ones.
You have those feelings for girls but have always had this unexplainable
liking for guys. Then your just looking for someone to love no matter what
sex and at the moment its someone of the same. Your scarred. You wonder
what others will think. You wonder if you'll be able to hide it. You wonder
if the person that you even like likes you that way too. And now that you
know they do it's a bit overwhelming. Am I correct?"He nodded with a look of disbelief on his face. "You nailed it to the tee.""I know, Christopher. I`ve felt the same my whole life but now," I said
slowly getting up an rapping around my arms around his neck and getting
ready to kiss him. "I'm just glad I found you. I'm just glad I found
another like me."Author's Note: Yup, so that's where the title comes in. I'm thinking it
might come up a few more times in the course of Kyle and Chris's story. It
is definetly not over so stay reading. And send emails.
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